"How To Get The Best Results From Vendor Relationships", Speaker: Durga Chavali, North (Cabarrus & Huntersville) Virtual Meeting

Ways of Working



How To Get The Best Results From Vendor Relationships


Learning Objective:

  • Indicate fundamental measures for the nurturing of successful and constructive communication with vendors.
  • Know how to use communication and negotiation during the course of the interaction with vendors as a way of resolving conflicts.
  • Apprehend the methods of how to set-up mutually advantageous binders with vendors and facilitators to maximize the outcome.
  • Explore the tools for sampling and rating the vendors and ensuring the conformity to the agreed quality standards and performance and develop the skills of filtering and approving the most qualified vendors among of those that are presented by the vendors.
  • Investigate approaches to the determination and minimization of risks connected with vendors’ interconnections.
  • Advance understanding on the benefits of having vendor capabilities that can both increase efficiency and increase competence of the organization.
  • Emphasize the need of ethical signs and compliance instructions when dealing with vendors.
  • Practical usage of learned frameworks and methods should be carried out in order to realize value and prevent cost overruns from suppliers' partnerships.


Speaker: Durga Chavali



Speaker Bio:

Durga Chavali is a distinguished researcher and leader known for her expertise in technology and healthcare. With a robust background spanning Cloud Computing, AI technologies, IoMT, Deep Learning, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics, Durga has made significant contributions to advancing knowledge.  Her leadership extends to research lab management, where she oversees teams focused on cutting-edge technologies like Federated Learning (FL) and Blockchain. However, it's Durga's exceptional vendor management skills that truly stand out.  She excels in strategic vendor selection, negotiation, and relationship-building, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives while maximizing value. Her keen analytical abilities and adept negotiation skills consistently drive favorable outcomes in contract negotiations, fostering seamless collaboration throughout projects.  Recognized for impactful research during the COVID era, Durga Chavali's contributions have earned nominations for the Best Innovator Award and Women in Engineering Award, reflecting an ongoing commitment to excellence. With numerous ongoing activities and pending publications, she continues to leave an enduring legacy at the intersection of technology and healthcare



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Date: April 18th, 2024

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