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The community chapter meetings are designed to enable flexibility for more participation across the broad geographical area; to facilitate networking and peer mentoring in a smaller setting; and to allow participation in periodic community projects (local small/medium businesses, high schools/colleges, non-profit organizations, etc.) that are better adapted for smaller groups. Because the footprint of our chapter stretches from the Mountains of Asheville to the Beaches of Wilmington and Jacksonville through 60 Counties across NC. This provides accessibility to all, regarless of what region or community you affiliate yourself with. All are welcome to join any meeting throughout our Chapter's footprint. That is up to 60 PDUs for the annual members to our chapter. Please refer to the Calendar of Events for the date, time, location, and registration of the community meetings. Members and non-members are welcome to attend any meeting at any location. We have added quarterly In-Person meetings for those in the Charlotte Metro and surrpounding areas. All these events will be networking only and all Speaker / Learning will be conducted via LIVE Facilitated, Virtual events using ZOOM. We are also looking to provide networking events for all Regions.
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In order to receive the link and materials for all Virtual Community Meetings, you will need to register prior to the meeting. The email with link to the videos are typically sent out 2-3 days post event. If you did not attend the event, you will need to process your PDUs (if applicable) manually. If you attended the LIVE Virtual event, then we process that for you.
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Once you join the chapter though the PMI website. It can take up to five (5) business days for PMI process a new chapter membership before it shows up in our chapter database. New chapter members will not be able to register for meetings at the chapter member rate until that occurs. The chapter does not want you to wait until your membership is processed, before you attend a meeting. New members who are not able to register for the chapter meeting as chapter members before the advance registration deadline should email You must send your email before the advance registration deadline in order to be eligible for the member advance registration rate. Please attach a copy of your receipt from PMI to the email, showing that you have joined the chapter. The Membership team will work with you to process your registration. For more information about the community meetings, please contact
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