President's Message


Rhonda V. Evans

President, PMI Carolina Chapter


Welcome to the PMI Carolina Chapter website! Thank you for visiting. Please look around – you will find great information about our upcoming events,  volunteer opportunities, podcast episodes, our most recent newsletter and much more! We sincerely hope that you take the opportunity to participate in some of our many activities this year. When you get involved, you earn PDUs  and/or obtain high quality professional development topics from speakers across the US and Canada. You have the opportunity to meet new people, reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while, network, and give yourself a chance to learn something new. All organizations need the participation of its members to do great things.

Please review the President's Vision 2024-2025 Strategy as we continue to use the 4 Pillars to guide us through the next 2 year cycle.

Our membership numbers continue to rise and our Member Retention Ratescontinue to increase and diversify. Thank you all for your Membership and those guests we've welcomed this past year. We look forward to an even better 2024! Please watch the 3:20 minute video and meet some of our newest leaders!

Link to the video 2024_presidents_message_final-(720p).mp4

  1. Multi-Generational -  Embrace our current demographics of members and provide incentives, programming and events that are inclusive of the full spectrum of  our community to make this a truly multi-generational chapter. 
  2. Social Impact– Collaborate with local businesses,schools and non-profits to give back to our community and raise awareness for important causes. Utilize resources to assist the communities we serve.
  3. Beyond Project ManagementExpand how we think about Project Management  and Membership Outreach - Welcome non-traditional PM Professionals and be more Role Inclusive.
  4. Inclusion: Attract and Retain a Diverse Populationof Volunteers/ Members   - Continue to build on the culture of inclusiveness . Create an environment that represents our member community and is conducive of developing and raising up others through