"Emotional Intelligence in a Digital World", Speaker: Ed Lively, North (Cabarrus & Huntersville) Virtual Meeting

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Emotional Intelligence in a Digital World  

As our lives become increasingly digital, we’re getting more adept at skimming and sampling huge volumes of information... while doing something else at the same time. We live in a state of continuous partial attention, with unlimited amounts of data always at our fingertips. But as we train our brains to switch tasks and scan, we’re rapidly losing our ability to concentrate, contemplate, and truly connect with others.  Research shows that trust, empathy, and attunement are critical components of high-performing teams.  So how do we build these values and skills (which are central to Emotional Intelligence) when so many of our relationships are mediated by screens and devices?


Learning Objective:

  • Recognize how our use of technology contributes to cognitive overload
  • Articulate what research suggests about how information addiction may lead to structural and functional changes in regions of the brain
  • Identify physiological changes they can make to improve focus and attention
  • Outline a three-pronged approach for building Emotional Intelligence
  • List concrete ways to mitigate “virtual distance” on teams


Speaker: Ed Lively



Speaker Bio:

Ed is a highly skilled trainer and consultant with extensive project management experience and interpersonal skills across several industries. His broad level of experience includes operations, information technology, corporate finance, and process improvement. He excels in team building, budgeting, scheduling, and training team members. Ed is enthusiastic with exceptional organizational and communication skills.


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Date: July 18th, 2024

Hour: 6:00PM to 7:00PM

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