Mentoring Program

Are you Seeking Professional Development?  Want to Give Back & Earn PDUs?

If you would like to mentors and mentees apply - click here.

Mentor Benefits include:  

  • Receive PDUs as a volunteer to maintain credentials  
  • FREE or reduced cost access to all PMI Carolina Events & Training 
  • Special Leadership or advanced Project Management Training Opportunities 
  • Linked In Position announcement 
  • Pride in the development of your mentee's career  
  • Develop Leadership Skills  
  • Share lessons learned   
  • Be a part of an exciting team while Building your network  

Contact for questions. 

One of the things we are committed to at the PMI Carolina Chapter is helping our members achieve their career and personal goals. The Mentoring Program is a key part of that service to our membership.  Through our program we seek to create an enriching environment where a Mentor and Mentee can mutually benefit through the sharing of career experiences, education, and wisdom to promote career and personal advancement through direct and personal interaction.   

For those seeking a way to give back to our profession, this is a great way to do it – helping another member as a Mentor. 

For those seeking advancement in their career, this is a great opportunity to receive guidance from another professional, as a Mentee. 

The qualifications and responsibilities for each Mentoring Peer are as follows. 

The Mentor: 

  • Must be a member of PMI Carolina in good standing. 
  • Must either hold a PMI credential or be in the process of earning a credential. 
  • Will provide leadership and guidance related to the project management profession. 
  • Offer advice concerning marketable skills in a specific industry or across industries. 
  • Will provide encouragement, understanding, and an environment where goals, ideas, or even frustrations can be discussed in a friendly setting. Conversation between experienced professionals. 
  • Provide information concerning PMI Carolina and the ways a Mentee themselves can become involved. 

The Mentee: 

  • Must be a member of PMI Carolina in good standing. 
  • No PMI credential is required. 
  • Desires professional development, guidance, and direction related to project management. 
  • Has specific career goals, and seeks guidance for planning and realizing the goals. 
  • Be a working professional, or enrolled in a project management program or have recently graduated from a project management program (within two years) 

How the Program Works: 

As applications are received, the Mentoring Program will evaluate and make the selection of Mentors and Mentees pairing them together based on need, career goals, industry and other factors. 

Mentors and Mentees, if they choose, can meet at our Mentorship Networking Event – to be held in the Charlotte area.  If the location and schedule do not work for individuals or a pairing, they can connect in the way that best suits them. 

Our Mentor volunteers are limited and so that our mentees get as much time and attention as they may need, all Mentee applicants may not receive a mentor for the upcoming cycle but will remain on the waiting list and reviewed for the following cycle. 

The Mentor and Mentee will need to be available to spend between 5-8 hours per month working together. This program is designed to be beneficial to the both in the pairing, but it will only be as effective as the effort put forth by BOTH parties. Please be sure that you can commit to this level of interaction or time before volunteering to participate. 

While the primary goal of the program is career advancement, we realize that preparing for a PMI Credential Exam is part of advancement. So, this program can be used to complement preparing for PMI Credentials, but should not be used to replace formal exam preparation. 

PMI Carolina is an organization that likes to pay it forward, give back to others in their community, and be present to help others. This is another way to provide good moral and ethical stewardship of the resources we have and their sustainability in to the future. Please consider joining the program today!